Creative Corner


On 25’th December, I watched a movie which inspired me a lot. Yes, the movie was 3 idiots majority of the people, including me, enjoy movies which give us a good message and make us laugh. Through this movie I got to know that we should do something that we are good at, which we actually enjoy doing. This movie showed suicide by a student.


Why do students get so depressed that no hope or choice is left for them? The answer is PRESSURE! Mental and Emotional pressure. This movie was not only about students but also about their parents. Today’s parents expect their children to be smart and talented to keep up with the other children and the big world. The children also start getting more competitive with each other from a young age. And if, in any exam, they got even one mark less than the first position, what happens? They commit suicide because they feel that they have let down their parents. They decide to leave the world and end all their tensions. Some very relevant questions were asked in the movie---------- why to do something, just to earn money? Why choose a profession which others feel is right for you and which you don’t enjoy? I am not saying that we should not listen to our parents but that choosing a profession that you can enjoy and will want to do more is a better option.

Why study science if you like history just because science has a bigger scope in the job market?

If a child like singing, why not take singing classes?

Happiness is the most important thing in life. If one is happy, the energy levels are high and success automatically follows.

So my dear friends find your inner selves, your hidden talents as childhood is the only time when you can do so.